Are You Traveling with a Pet ?
Renting our Cabins

SORRY,   We do not allow travellers to rent our Cabins if they have a pet travelling with them. 
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If you have YOUR OWN Caravan or Tent

   If you are traveling with a Dog or Cat, and you have your own Caravan or Tent,  we will allow you to bring your pet with you, however,  we have very strict rules..

1) We do not accept pets during the NSW Christmas or Easter School holidays.

2) Dogs and Cats must be leashed at all times whilst in  the park.
 We have native lizards in abundance in the park during the warmer months. If the dog spots these they tend to chase and kill them. We will not tolerate tenants who  wont keep their dog on a leash.

3) Any "mess" is to be cleaned up immediately and put into a plastic bag before being placed in the bin.

4) Dogs are not allowed to bark constantly.

5) If you leave the park,  for whatever reason, your pet must go with you. No pet is allowed to remain at the park unattended at any time.

6) Pets are not allowed to be taken into the Amenities building, Laundry, Kiosk or Pool area.

You will be asked to leave if you break any of the above rules.


 We have native wildlife within the park. 
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